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Why give?
Hear from camp and retreat leaders as they share how UMCRM has impacted their ministry and why they choose to give.

The work of UMCRM makes a difference in ministry settings across the country. Rev. Al Hammer shares these words about UMCRM's impact on Olmsted Manor Retreat Center (PA):

This association has provided vital resources for camp and retreat ministries that help to keep us up to date on latest trends and valuable expertise. It is hard to imagine going it alone without my peers. Whether it is at national conferences or cohort groupings, for tangible assistance or simply collaborative encouragement and support, it sure makes ministry in this setting easier and more exciting each and every day. Just as Olmsted Manor could not do without the financial support of our friends and guests who find such valuable renewal in this place, I believe it is critical that Olmsted support UMCRM financially to keep it strong and vibrant for the future growth of Camp and Retreat Ministries across the country.

Alan Rogstad, Executive Director of Pacific Northwest Conference Camps, says:

There are lots of resources out there to support camp organizations. Some are amazing and helpful. However, none can provide what UMCRM does for our United Methodist camps and people. UMCRM unites together a close-knit community in purpose and mission. When we need help, the UMCRM community is there. At my PNW Conference Camps recently, I relied on UMCRM’s list of available Interim Directors to fill this need during an unexpected transition. UMCRM provided two qualified and experienced candidates it would have been difficult to find otherwise. This saved me a lot of time, worry and resources. More than ever, I realize we are blessed with something special through our UMCRM community. It is important we support UMCRM. In doing so, we are supporting ourselves and each other.

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